Monday, October 13, 2014

HOT METRO FINDS: Ted Cantu On Location - The Great Chicago Fire Festival

ROCKTOBERFEST 2014: The Best Hard Rockin’ Shows and Venues For The Fall Season

CHICAGO: I don’t know about you but I detest the idea of another winter. And if it’s going to be anything like the one in 2014 then I know I am not up for it. In fact, I am already secretly planning my getaway and looking into other cities to hang out in such as Miami Beach, Pompano, and Las Vegas. As I creep along to the winter months I am occupying myself with concerts and shows and am making the most out of these gorgeous Fall days. With that comes generous amounts of Pumpkin Ale, IPA’s, and of course HARD ROCKIN’ experiences.

And with that…. I’ll roll out my travelogue notes.


As soon as I heard about this experience I was hooked on the idea. I found a picture on social media about a 1871 style Chicago wooden house set on a floating barge in the river with the sign, “Come Watch Me Burn” and I was intrigued with it. I made it a point to get over there to see what all the fuss was about. Now of course this type of thing was hyped up for months on the radio and social media and it got the locals all riled up. There was a reported $2 Million dollars roped into this deal and some of the residents didn’t like the idea of it getting thrown away on an arts festival.

The idea was to have this floating river festival with these burning houses. To me, that was all I really needed. I might grab some food down there and people watch – you know? No big deal.

I disregarded all of the social media yammering from the local, “crabasses”, my new favorite word, (thanks Chicago) and went there for a good time. Lo and behold there was a reported 10,000 people at the river front and the crowds were building up by the minute. This was no small thing and there was a lot of media coverage overhead with helicopters and spotlights. It turns out the locals arrived in droves. Over the river I could see the patio for Dick’s Last Resort and it was jam packed with party goers. There were people celebrating this event on the big river cruise boats and to my right it looked like some people even rented out rooms in hotels and were throwing parties. There was lights, people, and car traffic backed up all around the Michigan avenue bridge and the State street bridge.

For the whole article on the Great Chicago Fire Festival go here >>>>>

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